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Change your mind,  your consciousness, and you change your circumstances.

                                                           Dr. Amos Wilson

Whether is it interacting locally, nationally, or internationally the work continues in terms of learning and sharing culture, education, and wellness. No matter where we (members of The Kuumba Family Institute, Inc) go the energy is high and positive things happen.


Many organizations seek volunteers and sometimes it is a challenge to find committed and responsible people. However, the Kuumba Family Institute, Inc.(KFII) has a long track record of treating its volunteers special and showing appreciation for the time, talent, treasures, and resources freely and graciously offered by the many Africans-in the Diaspora and Aboriginal Indigenous volunteers. The people who step up, meet the requirements and follow through on their various assignments all report that volunteering with the KFII is/was a rewarding experience. 


            Call the Volunteer coordinator for the next Orientation /Recruitment session

                                 Monzella "Mama Dee" Allen - 609-638-1460

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